Workarounds for blocks Snap doesn't have (Part 1)

here is how to make the varBlocks script pic(2) block work:

Thank you.
(I wrote too soon)

I'm still working on the project as we speak. Reload the project.

Oh, it gets broken with the stage scale. I'll work on it some other time.

the sensing block? (untitled script pic(4) )

Delete this sprite:
untitled script pic (1)

you need to make a new sprite for that.
better workaround: custom blocks script pic(6)

You can just use MAP on the items:
number as a word test script pic


I don't understand; you're just trying to delete one sprite, right? So why do you have to map over all the sprites? You just need one other sprite, I should think, so can't you just use ITEM 1 OF (MY OTHER SPRITES)?

No, your solution for the var watcher x reporter.

It's supposed to delete multiple sprites at the same time (for convenience, I assume), but first it has to use MAP to ensure that each item is a sprite object and not a text.

Ah, okay. At the beginning of this sub-thread it was just one sprite:

I was talking about @sathvikrias's block.

oh, I mean if it gets broken when the staged is resized, you can use that block in some way.

im not sure how for loops work but i tried

There's an easier way, that's also less restricting to the enduser:


can't you do that with another block pack.... script pic ?

that's not the only type of thing you can do, that was just an example
besides, you could say the same about your block

i just made the block when i got bored