wonky list editing

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  1. What browsers show this problem? Chrome
  2. Please share an example project (if possible). Kevin MacLeod Music Repository
  3. Describes the steps to reproduce this issue. Edit the list
  4. What does Snap! currently do? Watch this video to see what Snap! does
  5. What should Snap! do instead? Keep what I edit and not change other list items

Is this bug a security concern? If so, please do not post security concerns directly to the forum. Please email us at contact@snap.berkeley.edu. Thank you!

I have lost a few song titles from the Emotion: Happy Query because of this, but I can find and re-add them.

I'm afraid I can't tell what's happening from that movie, where you seem to be editing a bunch of items repeatedly, and I guess you're not getting the results you expect, but I'm not sure of either what you expect or what actually happened. I did see the same item repeatedly; is that the problem?

It seems that when I edit an item in the bottom part of the list then switch to the top part of the list, the change ends up being applied to an item in the top part of the list instead of the item I was just editing in the bottom part of the list.

Is that confusing? Here is a specific thing that is not confusing. The last two items of the list are both Zazie, so I change the first of the two to Zanzibar. After I switch to the top part of the list then go back to the bottom part of the list, Zanzibar is changed back to Zazie.

Ah. @jens: Confirmed as a bug. Set a variable to NUMBERS FROM 1 TO 150. Put its watcher in list mode. Select the second hundred ("101..."). Change item 149 to 9999 (by direct editing of the watcher). Then select the first hundred. Item 49 will be 9999. Go back to the second hundred. Item 149 has its original value, 149. It's not just the watcher that's wrong; ITEM OF reports the same things.

yep, it's a but alright! Fixing...


I remade the Query.

<slightly-off-topic-question>Does anybody know why for the Silverman Sound Studios songs any attempt to seek restarts them?</slightly-off-topic-question>
This has been resolved with alternate URLs.

I tried using list blocks to edit the EMH Query, but the bug is still occurring.

did you try the beta?


well, why don't you try it here: https://snap.berkeley.edu/snapsource/dev/snap.html

I just discovered a new feature: Blockify! :slight_smile:

A glitch happened to me. I took care of it and redid the steps while capturing the screen in case it happened again, and sure enough, it did. Video available soon... here

thanks for the testing and for the bug report!
Looking into this now....

Okay, I think I fixed that bug for good today. Could you maybe test the beta version again?


The bug has been fixed.

thanks for the quick test and verification that the bug is now fixed!

I cant load that.it always appears like an empty <textarea></textarea>.