Why Snapp produces bloated executables

Snapp doesn't actually turn your projects into fully standalone executables. It actually packages your Snap! project with the whole Snap! application, and you can guess how massive the resulting executable would be. It's like the Electron of Snap! (for context, Electron bundles your HTML/CSS/JS app with the Chromium browser).

If your project uses graphics, sound, or procedure calls, Snapp! couldn't leave out very much of the Snap! runtime environment. I suppose it could leave out the code that lets you click on a script without a hat block, but what else?

Yes, it would be great to have a Snap! compiler that would generate machine code for your platform (among the six platforms we support via browsers). Feel free to work on that!

But meanwhile, just because you can imagine something better doesn't make Snapp! "bad."

How did you write


(see how it comes out on my message?)


I ment to say "Snapp produces bloated code" instead of "Snapp is bad." I'll edit the title now.

I started working on a C++ library as a runtime for a converter that I was going to create, but I eventually forgot about it and now it's deleted.