Why is the glowed black X so scary?

When i delete all of the clones and all of the temporary of them, when i click [scratchblocks](a new clone of [ v] :: control)[/scratchblocks], Why is the glowed black X scary for me?

What do you mean by "scary"?

What do you mean by "glowed black X"?

Means when there is no clone and no temporary clone.

The symbol for a dead clone.

I don't think there's any way to answer this question. What is it that you find scary about the X?

Ah, another thing not in the Manual. Thanks.

uhm...does that block actually exist?
Plus, all it is is a simple black X....not really scary....

No, it doesn't exist, I just created it to showcase what a dead clone looks like. You can remake it pretty easily:

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