Why does the forum say your account is on hold when you create a account

I need help understanding this plz help me

Maybe @bh can help me

Does it really say "on hold"? Your account is live; you can do most things that anyone can do. But for the first little while (it counts how many messages you've read in how many topics) your posts have to be approved before they appear. This is to guard against spambots. But your account isn't in new-user status; unless you've just created a second account you shouldn't be having trouble posting.

By the way, your profile tells your name, age, and location; that's kinda risky. At least be less precise about your location, and you probably shouldn't say your age either.

Okay got it

He asked because I was trying to join snap ! and I could not join

sorry to necropost but Funtime_Foxy101 had to make a second account to be able to use the forums cause her old one was messing up,is there a way to fix the problem she's having with the new one being unable to log in the forums

Yeah, this is second time around for her deleting her account and then changing her mind. We'll straighten it out but first priority is kids in classes who have trouble logging in or loading their projects.

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