Why does clicking the script work for but not pressing Green Flag?

I had a problem in my big Mayflower project and I've manged to simplify to this

Clicking on the script works and produces my label

Clicking on Green Flag itself doesn't and gives an error

If you stick a wait after On green flag- it works - even a wait 0

It's not a showstopper since the wait 0 workaround works but I'm going thru debugging it myself but maybe someone else will get there quicker than me :slight_smile:


Needs JS and suggest deleting clones or pressing stop before each run so extra clones don't confuse the issue

The label block basically creates a clone and changes its name to a JSON list of the name of the variable supplied and the variables value and then uses my custom text costume block to display it

Somewhere is a mistake with code, but I cannot find.

But if I only add this block:

all is right

Yes - I already know that :slight_smile:

sorry, I don't read all :slight_smile:

I do that a lot myself :slight_smile:

Ou, I do something and this working right when I click the flag- without error but alone I don't know what I did xD

I've improved/fixed my logic

When the clone is initialised, it sets it name to a random string now


The create label block waits until this has happened before proceeding to create the costume and this guarantees that the clone sprite local variables have been set


You've caught the clone in half-baked state. It seems that some of it's properties (costume) are not ready before yield.
If I launch>tell(clone)... everything goes OK.
Probably a subject for a staff.

I deleted previous post as my solution works fine back in main project :slight_smile:

Instead of re-importing my corrected code - I just edited it in my main project and of course I made a mistake :slight_smile:

Video of it in action :slight_smile:

(The grey box in middle of screen)

[Edit - better version]

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