Why do the forums feel more PG rated than PG-13 rated?

Why do the forums feel more PG rated than PG-13 rated? Is it because it has no inappropriate content to warrant a PG-13 rating?

Well, everyone made feature requests about banning swearing and inappropriate things and stuff like that.

Yeah but we also lost our sigs many categories and more from the feature requests...i'm surprised some of the forum related sub categories didn't go with all these things

Look @theeric132 and @ultrafuntime-kumi we snappers caused this all too happen

Its more like PG rated because there is kids in there. KIDS.

*sighs*this is a site for teens mostly,but i wouldn't be surprised if Straight up kids used these forums...make a whole lot more sense about why the mods made changes like these

Oh... I understand...

hero are you trying to exclude people -_-

I said teens mostly and i know their adults,but i don't think there are kids here,but it would a lot more sense to makes changes to a site if kids use it

Brighty dog might be a kid you know....

Sorry if i sounded rude,but this site is supposed to be more pg-13,but i can understand them changing to a tv-y7 type of rating to make it more kid friendly

bruh yeet,your not a kid either but imma shut up