Why do I have 10,000 votes in the forums?

Do you know? When I joined the forums and look at the forum requests, the first time I hover into the "vote" button, it says that I have 10 votes left, meaning that I can only vote up to 10 topics. After spending a while, I noticed that I have 100 votes. After a month or so when a vote was released, now I have 1,000 votes (I don't think there could be 1,000 topics in feature requests). Recently I received a notification that a vote was released again. Once I hover into the vote button, I have 10,000 votes. :100: :scream: :100:. Why is it like that? Will my vote count become 100,000 soon, then 1,000,000 votes? So I can get an uncountably many votes after a year??? Why???

it’s probably a trust thing the more you spend on the forums the more you are trusted with your votes