Why can I edit any topic title? e. g., this was topgamerpro16. FIX THIS and this is a bug

I can edit any topic title, even though I didn't create the topic. I didn't test out to see if it would actually save across the forum, but I can click the pencil icon.

here's proof

(I put the user in that image to show I didn't create the topic)

lol, I didn't expect it to save, I do think that's a better title anyway.

Thanks! We'll see what we can do...

I can't edit your topic....

How is this showing up for only you two and NOT me????

Serious indeed, but strange how it is only showing up with a few people....must be the type of device. WAIT, you guys use a chromebook, right?

Please try again. I think I may have just fixed this.