Why Aren't These Features Enabled?

How come polls and spoilers aren't enabled on this forum?

clicky click

Spoilers are. Isn't this one???

Technically, yes, but that's more of a "give me more details" sort of thing.

But isn't that the only kind of spoiler? It hides info so people who don't want to "spoil" themselves can avoid it, or people who want it spoiled can get more details.

Nope. That's just the dropdown option. There is an option for spoilers, but the mods didn't turn it on or disabled it. @pajamaclaws21

I agree though you can probably use comments and say "Option 1" or something like that.

Is Snap! good?

Option 1 - Yes
Option 2 - No

Quote the options like in this post:

Say something here or something like that. For example you can put opinions here.

I know that polls used to be enabled, back in 2020. Idk when it was disabled. I personally don't see much use for polls though, plus, you can make your own poll system in snap, as long as you have some kind of cloud variable server.

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