Why are Snap projects licensed under Creative Commons?

From the Creative Commons FAQ:

CC licenses are basically licenses that let someone copy your project, like a paper, article, writing, book, picture, project, software, etc. WITH THE EXCEPTION that they give you credit.

Since Snap! is about coding and computer science, and not about being a territorial jerk and saying "IT'S MINE!", we need to acknowledge the license. The license is the reason you're able to copy off of and help someone with their code.

I'm asking why projects aren't licensed under a software license like the MIT, Apache, BSD, or the GPL...

I'm referring to the license type (most of the time it's referring to the Expat variant, more rarely it refers to the X11 license), not the university.

Well the CC licenses are more common than other licenses.

I think it's probably because the CC licenses are cheap.

Content licenses don't cost money...

Wrong and wrong.

There are several different CC licenses, and they allow different things. We use CC-BY-NC-SA, which requires remixes to be under the same license (SA, share alike) and, more importantly, doesn't allow people to make money from other people's projects (NC, non-commercial). The latter is the reason we're using CC; we didn't want to give bad guys permission to sell your projects. (As it says in the TOS, you're welcome to use a more permissive licence such as CC-BY.)

It doesn't cost money to use any of the well-known general licenses. The only reason we use CC is that it includes the NC option.

PS There aren't going to be problems about combining your projects with other software; that's technically not possible.

Exactly. CC licenses don't cost money.

...and the other licenses don't either???

See above.

I typed this before you pressed "Reply"...

Oh, I missed one; this is wrong too. That's what "BSD" means: the Berkeley Software Distribution (and, in this context, its license.)

I kinda want my projects under GPL V3.0

I guess you can host it on another site (maybe your own, or just a file sharing or storage site like Google Drive). Then you could post a project url that loads the project from that service (I believe there's a special format, idk what it is though)

Eh. It doesn't really matter to the point of saving my projects only on file sharing sites.

That's a more permissive license than CC-BY-NC-SA because it allows commercial use. So there's no problem if you want to put a GPL notice in the project notes.

TIL that CC licenses can be more restrictive than the GPL

I have no clue why the heck a company would want to use a Snap! project, so........
(Its not like I even care)

I don't think a company would, just some idiot who wants to get money off of stuff they stole. Well, there are companies out there that will do that, but they'd be small companies.

Lol. Spend time getting morphic set up on their web page and hassling to get the Snap! blocks to plain JS to make $1 on a project I put 2 hours - a few days into.