Why are signatures removed?

Maybe i could try now!

at this rate, i'd say your chances of becoming a mod are pretty slim

these rules aren't here because jens hates collaboration and shops and stuff, they are there because it would take a big moderation effort to make sure everyone is following the rules, but they are poor so they cannot afford it. it'd either be shut down the forums (wh or tighten up the rules.

and also the snap forums are supposed to be about computer science, not making art for others that ask, or roleplaying as an anime character with electric superpowers, which does not have anything to do with snap or even computer science.

you probably could do all of this stuff in scratch, but you can't in snap, because even though snap and scratch look very similiar... that is, their editor... well the snap main site and scratch site is clearly very different, snap is about computer science and cs only, while scratch has social features like followers, likes, e.t.c.

i'm just saying what jens and bh already said

and it's probably not only jens who made that decision. they probably had a team talk with the others including bh to decide if this is the best decision.

(also, @zahra_kaito, they already gave a second chance, when the forums were down for a few days and they changed the rules. I g)

@ultrafuntime-kumi See, i told you people don't like me.

i'm not trying to anger you, zahra/kaito is putting jens under a negative spotlight like he's the bad guy, even though he isn't, it's just that the other decisions are suckier.

if you had a forum about computer science and it went well as you expected for many years (i'm assuming, i had no idea what was going on between 2018 and 2020), but then somewhere around this time people starting joining and treating it as a chat site making it a huge burden to moderate, what would you do?

P.S.: Also from my approx. decade and a half of experience, people with electric superpowers don't exist

They never will be.

Oh, I was hoping you'd try to answer the question I asked in the second paragraph... I also don't know what you mean by "what is true is fake," since what "what" is is kind of ambiguous. I do wish that you guys would still be able to continue to talk to each other, but unfortunately other than posting off-site links to talk (which is against the rules) and another way which is also probably against the rules, I cannot find a way.

They don't want us to communicate at all.

thats very true

They want you to communicate about something actually related to Snap!

well it seems a lot of crap happened here right before I joined.

what I think is fun is programming, not getting off-topic. getting off-topic is annoying.

Just read this thread from top to bottom, pretending you're not one of the people involved but are a new Snap! user seeing the forum for the first time.

Except for @herodooble2, @mrfluffypenguins, @donotforgetmycode_sn, and @pumpkinhead (and @ego-lay_atman-bay while I was typing this) (I don't think I've forgotten anyone but if I have I apologize), you're all acting like babies. (Special case for @funtime_foxy101, who accepts responsibility but can't think of a better solution than leaving.) You're not entitled to anything from us. We've tried hard to find ways to support you even though what you're doing has very little to do with what we're about.

I had to laugh at the comment about second chances. You've all had third and fourth and fifth chances.

About the sub-conversation about how I'm nice and Jens is mean, did you actually read what he posted? I suggested to him to post that, because we had a meeting at which he said (not exact words) "I actually read all those messages, and these kids are doing just what kids should do, being creative about their identities and telling stories and roleplaying and pushing limits. I love that and wish we could support it." I thought what he said was very poetic and insightful, and urged him to tell it to you. Now I'm sorry I did because your response was to talk about what a jerk he is.

Our team makes decisions together. You see a lot of me because everyone else is busy with core Snap! work, and because I actually enjoy talking with teenagers. (I was a high school teacher back in the '80s and am still in touch with about 50 of those kids, and some of their kids.) But even I'm used up by all this.

I looked through the collab threads and clicked on all the project links I saw, and I only found one that had any actual code. (Not counting forever next costume.) So all the wails and lamentations about the death of your collabs doesn't impress me.


PS Especially disappointed in @silver_star who's actually shown interest in learning something on another thread, but is now talking about quitting.

yes. _

to be fair, yeet didn't say anything mean about Jens.
but still, this forum (or at least this thread) became a burning dumpster fire starting with people arguing with him.

I wasn't arguing with yeet or said anything mean about jens

ik you didn't, your probably the nicest of anybody
(also edit to my previous post yeet WAS complaining and stuff)

thanks <:)
I never try to be mean

No but he did say

which seems pretty self-absorbed to me. Sorry if I'm misinterpreting.

I said:

also edit to my previous post yeet WAS complaining and stuff

not to be rude just correcting myself again.
plus he may have ment:

I love my friends and want to be able to casually talk to them

hes kinda soft >:)