¿WHOLE site is REALLY glitchy?

I know i haven't been here a while, but are variables supposed to be this big....? :eyes:


and the background?? like it was all white (minus the sprites) the last time i saved... is it corrupted or something!? i can recover the project back to how it looked but i can't save it anymore

The Snap! favicon is like that too but I can't screenshot that on the browser that i'm on :frowning:

I think you might want to restart your browser or computer.

What os+browser are you running?

I've tried that, nothing changes

mint(linux), firefox wasn't like this when i was on windows :\

I am not sure if the website is glitchy, but it is definitely is for advanced users, since we have a lot of blocks on the screen which causes issues sometimes, i myself frequently get the white screen problem, and stuttering problem (ps. not like if my pc is good tho, 8gb ram)

I rarely get glitches (not had one this year) and I have some large projects with lots of blocks on the screen at times

Windows 8GB PC using Vivaldi (Chrome based browser)

Weird, you know codification map blocks? So when i had them all in a row (to map blocks), i tried to put them inside c-block, but snap always freezed on that, i had to divide blocks to put them inside.

(Mac OS 8GB Mojave using Chrome)