Which pattern do you like the most?

You can drag the 'result' variable watcher (slider) to manually set it to any value (between 0 and 29).

Which pattern do you like the most?

My favorite ones include 8, 12, 13, 15, 16, 25, 26 and 30.
7, 11, 12, 14, 15, 24, 25 and 29.

The project is a visualization of the (x*y mod x+y = result) formula, with absolute values for both x and y. Zoom factor is 4.

That's really cool. It always amazes me when such simple rules lead to such complex patterns. I like patterns 0 and 4 the best.

9 and 12 kind of jumped out at me. Looking back at it, I think I favor the ones that are in the middle between orderly (all polygons, say) and chaotic (random dots that don't seem to fit the larger pattern). I feel very Aristotelian, which is to say, old. :~/

Some of the colors are too dark; that unfairly disadvantages the shapes that use them.

I wish I understood the math! I guess the "absolute values" part means that only the first quadrant is "real" data, and the other three are copies of it? But why do different slider values give such different results?

Thank you for sharing the amazement that I feel, too. Thanks for commenting.

As Brian has pointed out, the pattern 4 is among the disadvantaged ones, as some colors aren't visible enough on that background. Thanks for calling attention to 4.

You are in a good company; too orderly shaped ones can be boring, so Plato was probably wrong about them being the divine (platonic) shapes. Aristotelian ones that you like, are more interesting. Have you seen the diagram below?

Yeah, I can not believe it, either; I am beginning to suspect that I may have unintentionally introduced such a variability by making a mistake in the math. Is there any mistake that you can see?

Yes, that is correct.

You're so asking the wrong person! Maybe @hardmath123?