Where to host a snap mod

I want to make a mod of snap, but where should I host it?

EDIT: @bh any ideas?

use github.com.

I don't have github

well, you can create an account for free.

You don't wanna invite me into this. I'll just tell you you have quite a lot to learn about Snap! itself before you start worrying about modding it.

If you just hang out on the forum, you'll get the idea that what the big kids do around here is write Javascript. But that's really a misleading picture, if you look at the projects on snap.berkeley.edu. Lots of really interesting work being done in Snap!.

Make a free account on github and download github desktop for free.

@sir_kitten2 Is this also you?

Github does not instant host which leads to a pile of "did you change this?yes!then why does it still look like the old version?did you PR?yes!did you commit?yes!oof!"problems

from my experience with hosting a website on github, it was great. Yeah, it doesn't update instantly, takes a couple minuets. You may have problems, but I don't.

I seriously doubt it actually takes that long. It takes around 4-5 minuets for me, but then again I haven't tested a github site and timed it, so...

Do replit.com