Where to find :snap: source code?

I want to make a version of Snap! with different looks for flat mode but where can I find the code?
also where is the looks for the backgrounds and stuff?

github is better for source code purposes

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nah, and plz DONT adverstise here

i might

please go there :slight_smile:

Don't be rude. Just say "Yes I would like to help you with your project" or "No I am not interested, sorry"

I'm not being rude, he's adversting his collab

click on the snap logo in the editor, then click "Download source"

the flat design code is in the function


in src/gui.js

to use the function in snap, just use


Bruh you saying "I'm not rude" is kinda rude in itself


Now THAT'S rude

*yawns* thanks

can we just close this.

@bh you are needed