Where is advent of code day 13?

@cymplecy ?

Does anybody try day 13?

Move this to #requests-to-the-community

Maybe the devs thought "13" was an unlucky number and so are waiting for tomorrow to make it Day 14 and skip Day 13.

It exists, it's just that cymplecy hasn't made a topic for it.
By the way 14 is also unlucky

13 is lucky.

No-one had posted to Day 12 so I didn't bother creating Day 13.

Please go ahead and create a topic for any Day that you are attempting :slight_smile:

Here is the text I use to create each thread

This is a thread to discuss Day 12

It is VERY important NOT to write any public spoilers :)
ALWAYS keep spoiler stuff hidden inside one of these

This text will be hidden

which you can obtain by clicking on the gear icon


Just remember to change the day from 12 to 13

I've been too busy recently doing other stuff and haven't really started Day 12 yet

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