When you post something bad on the forums

funny animation haha

Moral: dont get baned

also i want this in the animations catagory pls

heres the link: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks...

That is an over exaggeration, but the message is true. Think before you post.

Is it just like this: When you post on a forum but get no response

its supposed to be over exaggeration


The real moral is to not say anything bad. And if you're doing something wrong, do it right.


when you have an opinion cough


i like how somebody bumped this when somebody stole my chromebook and posted something bad

uhh, you kinda seem to be flaunting the bad posts...

bruh wth

yeah true, should I delete it?


actually, ima do this

Sounds kinda false NGL.

Bruh wtf?

Nevermind. I believe you.

I mean, it does look like the "someone" you were talking about didn't really care to look at what I was posting so...

Idk, they only replied to my notifications