When you export a large amount of blocks at once, Snap! becomes unresponsive

So, I've exported a whole bunch of blocks (about 70 or so) at once on my project and it took about 5 minutes (which seemed like hours) to load the blocks. Snap! went unresponsive as well. Why?

Are the blocks long (lots of blocks in their definitions)? Because it takes me no time to load the APL library, which is a lot of blocks, but mostly one-liners.

Some of them are long.

Could you share the project and link here?

But why?

So we can try to figure out why you're having this problem!

If you don't want to share it, how about email-attaching it to contact@snap.berkeley.edu?

After reading this post, I think it was this project. It has around 70 blocks (the same amount as @ashtyboi said they exported) and the block in the post exactly matches one in that project.

Ah. And does it take a long time to load, for you?

Not really. It takes about 2.5 seconds on average to load for me, half a second to open the export blocks dialog, and less than half a second to actually export them.

the maximum amount of blocks to import is 50

that's just not true, ive imported more blocks at once before