< when i am "clicked"> problem

the < when i am "clicked"> block is functional even when the program is stopped ...

Is there a way to ask if the program is currently running or if it is stopped?

There is something like a predicate block could be <program running now?> so i could do:
if then
run the code
to bypass this situation

Just use a thumbnail that covers it!
Or just set a variable to true when the flag is clicked, forever reset the timer, and when the timer is greater than 0, set variable to false. When i am clicked if <variable=1> run script.

In Snap! there is no single entity called "the program." Every script can independently be running or not (or running in some clones but not others).

But if you want, you can say
dispatched colors script pic

which will detect when the stop button is pressed.

This is what I am looking for ... I had seen the block but I had tested it in combination with the block: I had no result (the say block had not been executed) so i thought the hat block had another function ...

Thanks, it works great in combination with the command.

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