When did we go into 7.2.0?

Either I just watched snap update or my editor is outdated.

about 3 hours ago

So my editor is outdated some how?

Just takes a while for browsers to catch up - nothing to worry about

I wonder why they switched lists and other


This is the original order. They got switched somehow in the release that added custom categories. So this is just undoing that error.

Oh. The change looks weird to me because I joined when those were switched.
Welp cya switched category.

Oh. Welcome to Snap!!

You're kinda late
but it's fine.

Gosh they were already swapped in December? How did it take us so long to notice? :~)

Huh, never noticed. I actually think they look better switched though.

I feel the same.

BTW the switched order was in BYOB3.

they* and yeah same

It's a tiny thing, people often miss tiny things.

I don't think it's worth worrying about the order, because sooner or later I'm going to talk Jens into separating Lists from Variables in the category display above the palette, and then whatever order we end up with will also be used in the make-a-block dialog.

I don't think I'll convince Jens about this part, but I'd like this order:

Motion           Control
Looks            Operators
Sound            Variables
Pen              Lists
Sensing          Other

because the ones on the left are about communicating with the outside world in various ways, and the ones on the right are the central programming language elements. (This is my minimal-change version. Really I'd move Pen and Sensing up and Sound down, and Lists up and Variables down, but that's just because of the kinds of projects I make.)

I'd like that order too.

Maybe clear the browser cache?

I like the original:/

Yeah Other seems better as the last category since normally it's just the afterthoughts or what doesn't fit neatly in a category

just so you know, I was saying I like it this way