When did this get added? New option(s) in primitive block?

Oh, its a SciSnap thing

Also "readFileWithfilepicker" sounds useful

New options can be added what you use the src_load(url) option. This is ued in the SciSnap library. I've also used it many times to create my own block extensions that use js.

oh, okay

dont you need to set up some sort of local host jig to do it that way? ive just been saving them as bookmarklets, it seems too involved of a process to do it the other way

What are you talking about? I'm talking about block extension, libraries that use js. I think you're thinking about userscripts that modify the snap environment. A block extension is used to add javascript to a library, and being able to use it without js extensions enabled (well, you need it enabled when loading it, but after that, you don't need it enabled, and the url can (might) be added to a whitelist, which then can be loaded without js extansions).

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