Whats this CR on the split block?

Oh wait, I was wrong. It wasn't the ALT key, but rather the TOP key, that was used as a modifier to get to the math symbols. ALT generated the same code that modern keyboards generate from the ESC key. (Its name used to be "alt mode" rather than "escape" in the early days of ASCII.) Our ESC key generated some weird 9-bit character I'd have to look up.

No I didn't. :~) Those shift-digit characters are all 16 (decimal) less than the digit code.

U+001B I think.

Yeah that sounds plausible.

That keyboard has "VT", Vertical Tab.

Yup, all the "format effectors," from \t to \r (^H to ^M, 010 to 015).

in decimal, and

in octal?

No, both octal. 010 is the character generated by the TAB key.

In octal:

  1. backspace, ^H
  2. horizontal tabulation, ^I
  3. line feed, ^J
  4. vertical tabulation, ^K
  5. form feed, ^L
  6. carriage return, ^M

Oh, right, I forgot backspace! Sorry...

No worries.

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