What User Is From This IP?

This guy is a spammer. He is spamming me on all of my stuff and flooding my email. I want to know his username. Please PM me someone please
@earthrulerr knows about him toooo

It may not be someone from the snap forum, and you can just block his emails.

1 Block isnt working
2 I confirmed he is. He said himself.

It would help if you gave the IP address...

OK thats why I wanted a PM

He can’t just publicly give it, he can give it to you, though.

@joecooldoo they are spamming again. If you get the IP then just IP ban them. They are on an alt.

Are you getting the IP from Replit? Because either it returns the loopback address or the IP of Replit's proxy servers, depending on what method you use.
EDIT: it seems like IPs from X-Forwarded-For work now

The user is currently flooding me with 3000 emails per 5 minutes. Please please please please help.

@bh: do you know who is doing this?

The user is also spamming a link too:


Sending p*rn hub links and gifs

@joecooldoo the user says they are Alexander.

I just ready the reply from bh.

Can you op ban so the alts stop.


His IP is not really leaked. My spammer analytics picked up his IP.

I know. I'm just telling you it wasn't leaked. My spam prevention system picked it up (My system can't actually do much)

Thats also why I asked to give it in a private message. But I'm asking the spammer rn to see if the username matches up.

WHAT! who ever this is needs to be banned from everything! and they need there email deleted + all devices destroyed! I don't even think thats worth saying 13+ more like 100++++

no, p*rn is not for any age.

Problem solved. Unpublished the site for a while.

I mean you shouldn’t even see the word unless 13+, I don’t want a 9 year oldtoo see it.