What should I make? (New to Snap, not Scratch)

Im new to snap but have used scratch for 2 months @TheBlubStudios (my account). What would be a good game to make because this seems to have better capabilities

something to note is that snap has a lot of extra capabilities, but it is generally a lot slower. it's like building something out of materials like clay and wood instead of lego.
make sure to take good advantage of the script variables block, lists in lists, and hyperblocks, they're easily the best features of snap.

i can't think of anything specific you should try and make, looking over your scratch page i feel like anything where snap is significantly more convenient would probably be either difficult or somewhat boring for you. i think you should just figure out the extra features snap has and see if you understand it, like it, and have anything you'd want to do with it. there's still plenty more you'd be able to do in scratch anyways if you attempt it.

the best thing you can do for either is just try to find any problems with any of your projects and see how you could improve it. is something slow? is some movement awkward?
for example with your super smash scratch project, you could probably make the movement smoother, make more complex levels, walking animations, etc.

i have years of projects on scratch, and i still think i could do significantly better than the last few projects i made if i put in the time.

If you want to make a grid based game, perhaps it could be a way to make good use of lists in lists, by representing the grid of the game in a sort of table before rendering it with clones.

hmm, maybe tetris or some similar game?

okay sure

ok i have felt like updating my super smash game in a while but i will keep trying snap for a bit

ok lists are cool

where are the hyperblocks, lists on lists and the script variables

Hey sick. Guess what the ssb in my name is short for. I'd love to see it.

That is a feature that some blocks have, e.g. the arithmetic blocks. ((1) + (2)) is 3, but what if you inputted a list or two lists?

Try for yourself; click here if you don't understand

Inputting a list and number to + will return a new list with the number added to each item (implicit map)
((list [1] [2] [3]) + (5) is a list with 6, 7, and 8
Inputting two lists returns a new list with each corresponding values added
((list [1] [2] [3]) + (list [4] [5] [6])) is a list with 5, 7, and 9

Put a list block as an input to another list block.

It is the gray block in the Variables category. It allows you to have variables that belong to a script so that you don't have to create a global variable for a variable that is used in only one script.

Another feature is the gray rings in the Operators category. You can also create or remove rings by right-clicking on a block and clicking Ringify or Unringify. These allow blocks and scripts themselves as values. You can store them in variables, lists, etc. just like numbers and text. You can run or call them with some blocks in the Control category. The w/continuation blocks give one input: a ring representing the rest of the script after the run w/continuation or call w/continuation blocks.

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i'd reccomend reading the manual

My guess


Yes. I've worked on trying to replicate Super Smash Bros' gameplay in Snap! before but never got too far.

i made it in scratch because it was easier to code/copy paste code. but not gameplay

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