What should I make aaaaa?

I am bored,again.What should I make?

(i wish there was a TOTW...i am bored solely because this totm is between january AND february instead of just january)

i'm in the same position as you

Okay.Make a program that can instantly do a matrix transformation on an image



What I wanted to mean is ~5ms

create a snap project that can play MOD and maybe XM and IT music files

do the matrix transform first though

Why the (join input list item numbers from 1 to 4 of split "hello" by "") are there so many formats???
(I think)Ideally,there should be only 2 music formats,one about frequency and the other about speaker diaphragm displacement(i.e loudness)
Maybe I should go to the infinite plane of uniform density...

done it yesterday but couldn't find a way to speed it

not everyone has infinite hard drive space, and old hardware doesn't have enough ram and in some cases not enough cpu speed or appropriate hardware for such long samples

a music format about "frequency" doesn't make sense, are you thinking about midi? midi doesn't encode sound information, but it has a lot more than pitch.

i think you'd be very interested looking into amiga music.

yeah,and "ideally" every computer is turing complete(instead of bounded storage complete)

have you learnt fourier transforms?

not useful for a music format unless it's lossy compression, and i don't think that's what they do.
the best lossy compressed music format is opus (as in literally everything uses it and has used it for a long time), and although i'm not fully sure how it works it's almost certainly much more complicated than a fourier transform.

there's basically no use for a bare fourier transform as a music format, i don't think there's even any standard for it that can be used with regular music players

formats exist for real computers, not ideal ones. that's why MOD files exist. again, you should really look into amiga music, you'll likely appreciate it and get why i'm suggesting to make a player for it


i dont like music

What an anticlimax! After all this about sound formats. :~)

The reason we provide Fourier analysis of microphone inputs rather than sounds in general is that this is what Javascript gives us.

Oh ok.

make a console emulator

already done lol
although you have to use jouncebash and jounceassembly lol

Sorry I should've been more specific.
A gaming console emulator. Not the ones where you type code.

What's a gaming comsole?

Something you play games on (Like a PlayStation, for example.)

oh wait i get it
some programmable platform based on 6502?I heard ben eater talking about this

As a "low hanging fruit" you may create the "Arecibo message" decoder. Going forward the naive "brute force" way as described here or using the DSP way to decode FM signal.