What should I do?

ahhh what should i doooooo im bored again

Touch grass.

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make a project that can take any 3x3 projective transformation matrix and apply it to a costume in real time (low quality is fine, goal is to make it as fast as possible, fast enough for animation and games)

yeah yeah i know but i dk what transformation on a costume means
it has to be a vector

a vector would only do translation, i said a transformation
transformation includes things like rotation, shearing, stretching, etc

no a linear transformation would only do scaling
you cannot apply a vector to another vector

i said projective transformation, not linear transformation.
i also said nothing about vectors.

a linear trasnformation is when you apply a matrix that only includes linear functions(i.e no parabolae or cubic things)

matrices don't contain functions and generally don't contain equations.
a linear transformation would be a 2x2 matrix, meaning it wouldn't allow transformation or projection. it has nothing to do with parabolas or cubics.

projection,yeah that only exists between dimensions
but it would allow rotation(transformation->adding which is not supported by matrix stuff)

rotation can be done with a matrix, it's in the transformation matrix article i sent.
the projection in the article is a 4x4 matrix and applies to a 3d shape but that isn't required
the image right next to it shows a 3x3 matrix used on a 2d shape, so only a 2d image is put on a 2d screen, no 3d shapes involved

i think it would save time for you to read over the articles i sent so i don't have to just repeat what they say

yeah ik and the whole point is tha you cannot transform pixels
you can only transform vectors

i never said transform pixels
you can transform many things other than vectors and the article shows how to do it in many ways
a large amount of gpu rendering technology relies on these transformations
if it can't be transformed, how can a computer show a rotating cube? rotation is a transformation

it translates vertices which are vectors anyways and then fills the triangles
wooops vertices are not liky gonna get filled since they are dots

vertices are points you can't fill them

either way saying all these words isn't going to transform costumes and it's definetly a possible thing to do considering how computers already do it
if you don't like words then my suggestion is to look at the images in the article and do that to a costume

yeah you could make a 3d object outta a svg and rotate it
but either way pixels aint gonna transformed

how has this conversation gone for this long. this is how graphics engines do texture mappings onto polygons. they take each vertex of the polygon, then transform the vectors that hold the location of the vertex with a matrix, and then they draw a texture that is contorted in some way based on the shape of the transformed polygon.

you have to transform the location of the pixel (which is a vector)

also a vector can be represented by a one-column matrix

yeah thats what im think of but the result would not be a whole number

then round the location of the texture sample to the nearest pixel, or do linear filtering