What is the shortcut to get to snap dev

i am really dumb. can someone help me not be dumb by telling me this

Shift-click the Snap! logo in the Snap editor and then click on "Switch to dev mode".
Screenshot 2022-02-15 10.37.43

ok got it

it shows me this

is there a way to fix the gray outline

Not to my knowledge.

ok thats fine

And just in case you didn't know - this is about dev MODE - very rarely of much use to us muggles

If you want the current dev VERSION then you just goto https://snap.berkeley.edu/versions/dev/snap.html

oh ok.

As his friend irl, I can confirm he is dumb.
this is a joke btw

I think that is intentional.

no, it's not dumb. It's actually pretty easy to miss. It took me months before I knew about the dev mode.

it was a joke...
I know @oofpaste249 irl, and he's fine with this.

also I just found out about it today.

It's there because it represents the Morphic world, in which the Snap! window lives. So you can right-click on it and get a different set of options from right-clicking on the Snap! window.

I glitched snap by clicking hide all and then clicking show all

It's not a glitch if your in dev mode.

Welcome back Mr. "Im not going to be on the forums anymore".
Also, what do you mean?

It's not my fault research papers exist lol

You're in dev mode

You're saying things can't glitch in dev mode