What is the max number of items in a list?

title explains it all

I don’t think there’s such a limitation, but why do you need to know this?

because scratch does, its 200,000 for scratch

There is one. Do a warp forever loop of adding something to a list and you will find out.

in the screen, its 100 but not in general like programs reading the list
imma be gone for a but bc im workin on solaris 10 vm

For me I think I’ve seen it stop adding at 3718

I'll try using this script:
untitled script pic (66)

There is no artificially imposed limit, although of course your browser may enforce a limit on the memory available to Snap!.

In the reply that mentioned 100, there is a limit of 100 to the number of items that will be displayed at once in a list-view variable browser. In the bottom right corner of the display there is an arrowhead you can click to select which 100 elements are visible. This is a limitation to prevent slowing down the rest of your program. If you choose table view for your list, you can see all of it at once. (The reason table view can handle a much larger display is that the items aren't editable in table view as they are in list view.)

for my computer, its beyond 3718 XD
its 104487302 and still adding!
and the tab ran out of memory before i pictured it again

Am on ipad.

ok but im in a gaming laptop (old) with 12GB of RAM

I just did it on my iPad and reached 6.7 trillion.

How long did that take?

I used warp and it took a few minutes.


Yes, here aren't limit for numbers, but if you want to publish on Snap! Servers you only can send 6000000 elements. If number is bigger, value file will bigger.

im on a Mac and the max is 5001

Is difference between type of computer? :neutral_face:

idk maybe we should find out!

Yes, it depends on the amount of memory your computer has, and how much memory the computer uses without adding stuff to the list. That is why when you put too many items, chrome stops the webpage to protect your computer from running out of resources.