What is the current status of Snap on mobiles & tablets?

A while ago I think the advice for Snap was don't do it, and the advice for NetsBlox was it's fine with a current Chrome browser

What is the advice today if the context requires heavy use of mobile devices as the computing platform (underprivileged school kids in India)?


Tablets/iPad only, phones are not supported. 80-85% of what I make/play on Snap! I have used my iPad. I’m using it right now. Tablet also works pretty well.

Btw: Safari and chrome have worked for me on iPad

Thanks @earthrulerr

It would be lots of assorted mobile phones running mostly Android. Would that be a non-starter?

I believe no phones will work solei because of the UI/IDE. The whole, including the community site, has no phone UI built. I would suggest iPads and Laptops or alike.

Android might actually be better, because it doesn't have the audio issues that ios has.

Someone should make a mod sometime to support mobile phones

but i dont think its ideal to do snap or scratch in general on phones anyway, or programming.

In 1st world countries you'd be right. In 3rd world areas there is no choice, and those students can be very determined & creative on phones. But I agree with @joecooldoo : the Snap UI would need a mod to be usable there e.g. one or two panels at a time (palette, scripting, stage + corral) instead of all three. There may be other subtler issues with Snap + mobile.

I understand, it will be hard to do, but possible. I wouldn’t know how to make this mod, but we can start a collaboration to make Snap! phone comparable.

I think it would look like the output on the top, code in th3 bottom, a arrow button to open and close pallets on the editor area (bottom).

I can make a rough draft if you want for design.

I would like to help with the design of the extension:)

It is possible to code in Snap! using an Android; although, it can be a bit difficult trying to maneuver on a small screen. But it is possible! I was able to create two projects/games on an android. Not all browsers work well, but Chrome seems to work great!

Yeah, I have used snap on an android tablet. My experience s that it is incredibly hard to tap and hold for right-click, well, at least compared to my ipad.

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