What is the best way to case sense?

(Sorry if I am posting too often, but I just have multiple questions.)
What is the best way to differentiate between casing of letters?
<"a" = "A"> returns true
<is "a" identical to "a"?> returns TRUE
but I would like to be able to differentiate two differently cased strings. What would be the best way?

Use unicode, the unicode of a capital is different than a lowercase (since they are different symbols.)

P.S. You can also use unicode 10 with combine join for enter if you want to merge items of a list on different lines

What blocks should I use to do that?

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as for blocks

Case Sense = to
reports false as 65 (A) is not equal to 97 (a)

But it only works with one letter at a time, returning the unicode of the first letter. I need to compare strings with multiple chars each.

Snap! may not be case sensitive, but Javascript is.

Just plug your words into the call block inputs!

I recommend making a custom predicate for it like so...

I forgot to put the variables into the call block.

I meant this

Yes, I love having JS to do anything...


But I even love more finding Snap! ways :slight_smile: And yes! you know our students can edit your custom blocks and so, doing functions with blocks helps the learning process. What about something like...