What is snap's definition of spam?

I'm the type of person that makes a lot of projects to slowly learn and they all have a variety of effort and creativity. My question is if I make them too fast will I get banned? (I have ran into spam bots on scratch before and I don't want to here)

Also what's the opinion on remix chains? (scratch is full of them some spam some not)

anti spam bots*

Our core mission is teaching computer science to older kids, roughly 12-22 (in the US, middle school through undergraduate). Strictly speaking, anything that doesn't contribute toward that goal could be considered spam. But we want to be welcoming, not exclusionary, so we generally tolerate anything that doesn't harm our mission.

What counts as harm?

  • Resource hogging. Storing your projects costs us money, which comes out of our nonexistent budget. We limit the size of any single project. We encourage you to store media somewhere else and load them into your project as part of its initialization. We haven't so far, knock on wood, felt the need to limit the number of projects you can have. If you wrote a program to generate projects automatically, so that you can claim to have the most Snap! projects or something, that could get you banned, I guess.
  • Damaging the reputation of Snap!. We don't want parents to keep their kids away from Snap! because they think we're full of pornography. We have occasionally unpublished specific projects for this reason, but I don't recall us having to ban anybody for this reason.
  • Treating us as a social media site. We haven't implemented liking, following, and so on because we want to attract people who are here to create projects, rather than to try to attract an audience. I guess this is a partial answer to the question about remix chains; if that became a Thing we'd probably work to discourage it, as a distraction from what we're here for.
  • Using us to advertise a business. We get a slow but steady stream of adults who create accounts for the sole purpose of putting an ad in their forum profile; we IP-ban them without warning.

But, look. If you value us as a resource, don't even think about how close you can edge up to being banned without actually being banned. Think about "what can I learn about computer science by trying to build a project using it?" People build 3D graphics projects, for example, because they see how many computer nerds show up in the end credits of movies these days. They build projects that push the limits of how Snap! programs can take advantage of Internet resources.

If you have to think about side effects of your projects, instead of thinking about "what will get me banned," think about "what will get my project on the Featured list?"

If you have to compare us to Scratch about this, the way to think about it is that Scratch encourages very young children to join their community, and sometimes they act like children, and so the Scratch Team have to act like parents. We think our community is mature enough to want to behave cooperatively, so it's relatively rare that we have to police you. Don't make us change our minds about that.

ok good to know.

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