What happened to oscar robinson

Ill ask my parents, but okay

Bro you are on the path of starting a flamewar. Just saying: Don't be rude.

If I'm on the path of starting a flamewar just for saying i didnt care about it, you're almost there.

I won't reply any further. This will be a full-on flamewar.

What are you even talking about?
Am I not allowed to voice my opinion?

Yeah, but saying stuff like "I don't care" is kinda rude ngl

I did not care that he was posting his channel. How exactly is this rude?

Oh sorry. I thought you said "I don't care" to

and not

Oh, yeah, but I guess I could have said that better, though

Well his main channel has only 20 subs and his gaming channel has only 5 subs.

That just shows how good or loyal you are as a Snap! user.

You can get banned and still be loyal, im proof of this

I know this isnt my business, and you dont have to answer, but what exactly did you do with austism?

One of the things we don't discuss on the forum is why someone may or may not have been suspended or banned. I'm gonna delete all that.

I was just never any good at conversing with other people (except about math) as a kid. And I would spend hours just pacing the floor; that used to drive my parents crazy. I got somewhat better at conversation as an adult. But I'm not sure about my self-diagnosis partly because I skipped a grade in elementary school and skipped another grade in high school, so I was always younger than everyone else around me, and that makes getting along harder even without being autistic.

I'm glad I dont have it as bad as you did


2 years younger though.

@bh why did you close this??

i empathize with this strongly

+sorry for reviving 9 day old thread kinda went down a rabbit hole there