What are these used for?

what are
untitled script pic-21
untitled script pic-20
used for?

in snap 7 the [ when I receive ] and [ when { } pressed ] blocks have < and when you click them they turn into untitled script pic-21
anduntitled script pic-20


does not do anything

does not do anything

It would be like
[when key”space”pressed{key})
This way you could make a keyboard that types the letters you type on a keyboard. When {key “any” pressed[key]}
(write {key} size “12”)

I find these blocks very useful and thanks bh!

Here Snap! 7 - dev - Build Your Own Blocks but I do not think the developers have finished with it yet since it says the vars don’t exist.

this is something we're experimenting with right now, but we all like it, so it'll probably stay around for v7. the vars should work, but only inside the script that's attached to the expanded hat block. I'm currently fixing the block specs for all translations, which is going to take a couple of more days.

I actually saw the GitHub commit with this.

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