Whaa should I make

So I finished my OS and finally got some really nice feedback,so im bored again.
What should I do?
coder_07 suggests a gaming console,but I think that computer games are not typically played in the console

I think they mean a gaming console, like a video game machine, not a game command line.

you mean stuff like unity?thats too hard for me!

Technically yes, but I was thinking along the lines of DS, nintendo switch, and NES.

thats hardware

Also, technically there are games you can play in the console (command line, terminal etc.), those games are text based games.

fast sprite matrix transformation

One of the oldest ones, Zork, was written in a version of Lisp. So while it'd take some work, could probably be ported to Snap!

Juuuuuust don't get eaten by a grue!

but grue is yummy

grue is the color that becomes blue after t seonds?

A grue was an undefined monster that ate you if you didn't carry a source of light in the zork games.

oh ok

You should make a vehicle simulator.

car simulator?plane simulator?space ship simulator?
already made space ship simulator but not implemented hohmann transfers yet

Plane simulator maybe?

will do it after fixing apsis indicators in rocket simulator

will make it

Just found out that planes are actually more hard and sopisticated than rockets(on feature count,not on precision)

it even has stall and terrain warnings,its very scary when that happens

ps:this could actually go into space,so it could be called spaceplane simulator

i didnt make a 3d one though because it would be harder and the rocket simulator was 2d