Welcome to bluey11

I make a lot of projects

ok,an example?

I think so

(post deleted by author)

@bluey11 The user @d4s_over_dt4 wants an example of one of your projects, not personal information. :thinking:

I doubt those are their real details, since I've seen bluey, and those are the details of bluey (the main character in the show). The only thing that is different is the gender. In the show, Bluey is a girl.

hes based his character off bluey so thats why he probably did those details

Im having lunch

Hi im bluey

I really am bluey

Im the real bluey heeler

Yes thats me! Im bluey!

no i dont believe, i think your blue heele

For real life i am bluey becuase i play scratch snap

Bluey is a boy

Wow, I don't know that you are in Scratch like me. :open_mouth:

Ok nice

bluey is a girl according to the shows creators

Yes, but @bluey11 is a boy, so he think that his character of his profile is a boy like he. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: