Weird bug when using Stretch

There is a weird issue in the stretch block. If you run the following script:

Then switch to another sprite, then switch back to the sprite you run the script above, things get bunched up together and you can enjoy a weird version of Snap!

Can someone fix this?

I can't work out what you think is wrong in your screenshot. And, does it happen to you only when the costume is taken from a list?

This bug occurs if you try to stretch a turtle, since they're not costumes. Try running the script below:
untitled script pic (13)

Then go to another sprite. After that go back to the sprite where you run the script above. Things get messed up and broke Snap!:

Yes -you can fix it yourself

Stop stretching a turtle :slight_smile:

I think bugs like this should still be fixed since they are not too hard to come across by accident and can essentially break your snap session

I think this is actually a reasonable bug report this time.

Yeah turtles are cute.Stop bullying them!

This isn't a bug; it's a misfeature. That is, Jens thinks that Turtle isn't a costume, because it's implemented differently from other costumes. (You can tell this because only the Turtle takes on the color of the pen.) And therefore, instead of making sure that the Turtle responds to costume-related blocks the same as other costumes, he wants users not to think of Turtle as a costume. That's also why NEXT COSTUME won't take you from costume 0 (labelled as such!) to costume 1. (Nobody argues that NEXT COSTUME of the highest costume number should rotate to costume 0; of course if the user has a bunch of non-turtle costumes they want to rotate only among those costumes.)

I'm confused, it's a misfeature that the scripts, costumes, and sounds tab buttons disappear? It should just throw an error whenever you try to do this.

I believe it's the same thing as here: Blank costume bug
Happens when you try to switch to a costume with a width and height of zero. That one ended up getting fixed though

Oh. I didn't notice that in your screenshot. My bad. Yeah, that's a bug. The misfeature is that it should just work.

did you mark your own post as a solution? it doesn't seem like the poster would considering it's not relevant to the bug
(i'm pretty sure i've seen admins get marked solutions on my topics when i wasn't satisfied with it, i'm not a fan of that especially if you and others are doing it yourself immediately)

I confess, I did. I was thinking, "okay, this topic has reached its conclusion" but I'll avoid that in the future.