Weird boolean glitch

Untitled script pic (1)
Untitled script pic (2)
Why does it do that?

"scripts" reporter block: (not mine)
Untitled script pic (3)

Then which category i should post this on?


this isn't a bug. The morphs (blocks) inside the lists are different, well, they're copies, which means that they are not equal.

How do i make it return true (make it the same)

well, try removing .fullCopy() from the js function, although make sure to backup the project before you test it out since it might mess up the project. Also, I haven't tried this, so I could be wrong.

nope it didnt work

well, you could get the specs for the blocks, but, other than that, idk what to do.

If you do that, the scripts will disappear since they're now in the list.

that's why I said

I know, it's because they are not 100% identical. this is so frustrating, so I suggest the = block reports true while the is identical report false.