We need more sound category blocks

Since Snap! is more complicated than scratch, I thought that because it can play sounds on different frequencies, it would have reporters to detect loudness of different frequencies, like this:freq
I think snap should have this because with this block, you can detect loudness of different frequencies emanating from your computer (not via microphone). This would be very helpful in music visualizers, and much more.

                                    -Thanks, cloning_machine

the loudness of frequencies are set by the set volume to block, I see no use for this.

it doesn't alter, it detects.

just use the (volume) block

that detects the loudness of all the frequencies. I just want to detect certain ranges.

that does not make sense.

i'll try to make it less complicated.

So the volume block detects 1 hertz all the way up to 16000 hertz. (hertz is a measure of frequency) I want to detect, let's say 10,000 hertz to 16,000 hertz.

this is something you can do via code. It doesn't have to be a primitive block. Also, frequencies are how fast the sound waves vibrate (idk what word I should use) which in turn, changes the pitch, not the volume. Try out different frequencies with the {play frequency () Hz} block.

here's a Wikipedia article about frequency

actually, in terms of sound, hertz (or hZ) is how high or low pitched a sound is. this does not affect speed.

ok, also, I didn't actually read the Wikipedia article.

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