Way to check for a color without using the touching color block

Hi, I have a problem with my game. I need to use the touching color block, but it makes the game very laggy. I cannot check for a sprite since I use the paste function to paste it to another sprite.

link please

You can use the 'Colors and Crayons' library, if you use to game pen color. But this library need the JS Extensions what's not cool (special turning on this option)


There are blocks to check screen color at given point
untitled script pic (40)
untitled script pic (42)


I just tried it and i also makes the game very laggy.

You use pasting to get a scrolling background.
You may clone a sprite and place it relative to the player position (Sprite(2), hedgehog ???) then check sprite colissions.

I'm not sure how to do that because I still need them to move with the background.

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