wait to spawn clones doesn't quite work

I used scratch before and recently started using snap.
I am working on a zombie shooting game: my hunter project

I try to launch zombie randomly at different time intervals.
But it seems the wait doesn't really work in the forever loop. The clones are created without the wait. This script works in scratch though.

Please help.

Hi! Welcome to Snap!. You can use Snapinator to convert your Scratch projects instantly. If you want to recreate your game manually with Snap!'s advanced features that Scratch does not have, I would recommend you sharing your Scratch project with us if it is shared. Thank you. Hope you feel welcome here. :wink:

The problem is in the "teamate" (BTW it's spelled "teammate") sprite. It has "point toward (a new clone of [zombie v])", which creates a new clone of the sprite "zombie".

You can use untitled script pic-1 to point towards the newest clone.