W.I.P. Colonization Game

[Link to game!]
W.I.P. idea for an attempt at a strategy type game where you face off against a friend (maybe an A.I. later on) to completely colonize a set of randomly generated islands. Reply with your opinions if you are any interested in this!

First off, this game looks good so far. However, the terrain generates a lot faster if you turn on turbo mode, as well as put the main loop in a "warp" block. 05%20PM
I see that there is a 1/5 chance that a clone will be hid, but I believe it will work better if you minimize the number of clones by replacing the 'hide' block with a 'delete this clone' block.

Thanks for the tip, I made sure in the update to delete all unused clones.

I like the new loading bar, but you can simplify its script by replacing the forever loop with one that looks like this:
Keep up the good work!

EDIT: You can replace this:
With this:
And this:
With this:

You can just replace it with this.

I think this is a great game idea and when made into a full game it would be great and could be sold for like 20 bucks

I like colonisation games quite a bit! Looking forward to this!