vote button test

This would go in meta, but I don't think meta ever has vote buttons.

Ah! The generic Feature Requests category that is described as "Please use one of the more specific categories [...] instead of this one" has a Vote button, but the other ones don't.

Hai, I'm not really sure what you are aiming to do, maybe its because I'm tired... Are you aiming to create a vote button within a project or in forums?

I think @snapenilk would like to ask @bh to enable voting not only in the generic FR category, but also in other three sub-categories (i.e. the "FR -- website", "FR -- Snap!" and "FR -- forums"), unless I'm mistaken.

This thread explains what I did and why I did it: Organization of Custom Blocks

Still not sure if this is a request for more votable categories.

I'm not very interested in voting with respect to feature requests, because who's ever going to vote no? The sort of thing where a vote might be interesting is when (as happens a lot) someone requests changing the measurement of angles to counterclockwise from east. That always raises a controversy. But even then, the people who post on the forum are a tiny fraction of our user community, and (as Jens keeps complaining) a very atypical group of JSFunction hackers. So I don't think we can really decide to do or not do something based on a forum vote. And there are factors besides user support that go into a feature decision, such as how hard it'd be to implement and debug, and how important we think it is relative to to the bazillion other features on the list.

In the case of palette reordering, I've wanted that since forever; I don't even always like the ordering of the primitives. (I can't understand why Jens thinks HIDE and SHOW should be down in the second screenful of Looks!) But, because the construction of the palette is organized in code rather than in a data structure, it would be kind of a pain to implement, and it's not a showstopper, so it never gets to the top of the list.

Hai there, I understand what they are aiming for and don't really support, as you say its a very small proportion of users who use the forums.

why does Jens always complain?

Well, he doesn't always complain; once in a while we talk about something other than the forum. :~) But it bothers him that there's so much talk about how to modify Snap! or use JS to solve your problem instead of using Snap! itself, and it's not as if people do that because they've already exhausted everything Snap! has to offer. And I agree with him, don't get me wrong; it just doesn't bother me as much as it does Jens. Both of us would rather be having conversations on the forum about procedure as data, or about prototyping vs. class/instance objects, or about manipulating pictures and sounds.