Very slight color discrepancy

This is a very minor bug. I'm not sure if anyone noticed this before, but when I drag a window the color behind it gets lighter by a very tiny bit

I wonder why this happens and how the context menu appears because I know it doesn't update the entire screen and only the area under it when it disappears. I'm guessing that could be a reason.

I can't reproduce this in any of the browsers I'm using (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, all on a Mac). However, Chrome v85 and v86 had a bad Canvas bug that resulted in all kinds of mis-coloring and clipping bugs. If this is in Chrome you might want to update to the latest v87 that got out today, and see if this issue still happens to you.

I can't reproduce it either in Vivaldi or Chrome on Win10

Thanks, it worked. I updated Chrome and the issue is gone.

Oh, that seemed to have fixed another bug where interacting with the bottom row of the long form input dialog would cause a weird bar to appear.