Vector or Bitmap for Small Balls

To be honest, I really dont understand the main difference between bmp or svg (vector and svg is the same isnt it??), the advantages and weakness of each one.

If I want to make a not fuzzy image I suppose I should use svg...Am I correct? I just want to make some small balls moving (like bacteria) in a program, but I am not sure if its better bmp or svg. Also, they may grow a little or shrink, depending on the "food" they eat.

Whats your advise regarding the costume to use?

Thank you very much

Short answer: vector is better because it doesn't degrade when resized.

To see the difference, make one each way and then set their sizes to 500% or something like that, and look at the edges.

But do you know any disadvantages to vector?

Only that sometimes you want to import a picture from somewhere else and it's a bitmap, so you're stuck with bitmap handling of it.

Scalable Vector Graphic

Thanks for all the answers :slight_smile: