Variadic input arrow runs a block instead of expanding a list

Variadic input arrow runs a block instead of expanding a list (Chrome@Windows 10).
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Clicking a highlighted area runs a block or contracts a list instead of expanding it. For me, at low "Zoom blocks", every fourth, fifth click hits those areas - it's quite annoying.
I'm not sure does anyone has the same problem or it's caused by my habits or mouse imperfections.
For FullHD it's a matter of 1-2 pixel shift.

Same here Dardoro. Not just in Snap, but other block ide''s present the same problem. I don't know how much time is spent trying to close extra input slots, trying to stop runaway block executions etc. But unless one increases block details to ridiculous sizes I don't think the problem is going to go away. Similar problems with pixel scrolling coding areas. Again, not just in Snap!

We've made some efforts over time to improve this situation by increasing the area that counts as clicking the arrowhead. The limiting factor, iirc, is that if the area is too big, it's too easy to drop a reporter on the arrowheads (seeing the red halo, etc) accidentally.

The hitboxes of arrows look like this

There is a project which slightly modifies arrows and hitboxes after the first click.
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Interesting. Okay, another thing for me to ask Jens about.

Bumping this thread,

Any updates on this? or any way to contribute?

it's very frustrating