Using a Stepper with Snap

Has anyone had success integrating a Stepper motor into their snap4Arduino project? I can't seem to get the library to function. All help greatly appreciated!

Henry is a first-year engineering student and has experience with stepper motors and the Arduino. The project in question involves use of a NEMA 17 stepper motor to control a mechanical wave machine. (See photo below.) The native Arduino code works well, but we would like to extend the project so that it could be controlled through Snap! Henry does not have prior experience with Snap4Arduino, so any assistance would be appreciated.

I have used steppers directly with setDigitalPin blocks, without any library. But it was always with the intention of teaching the inner working, the coils change of polarity...

But in this way, the rate of change we can use may not be enough.

Test this StepperFirmata. You have the blocks, and also the firmware to use (not the StandardFirmata).

Any issue (that project is 4 years ago) we can continue this thread...