User-specifiable note forever

Snap! 7.0.4 - Build Your Own Blocks

C1, the original note I had in this, is 55Hz.

It now asks for the Hz.


  • C4/middle C is 440 Hz.
  • The next octave up from any note is twice the Hz of the previous.
  • Same in reverse: go down an octave by halving the Hz.

Actually that's note 69, or A4. And you can just load the audio comp library and use the hz from note block to get the hz of any note.

If I run 2 blocks, one right after the other, they cancel each other out. Also, Snap! already has a block for that. Just look at my custom block project.

I didn't know that. I thought it was C4.

no, just shift+click the snap logo and switch to dev mode.

It's hidden under dev mode for a reason. Mine is probably more stable.

I Know! That's what I put in my project!

but people might not want to go into a huge custom block project just to get a block that is already in their snap editor.

actually, I can't think of any good reason why that block is hidden. I think it's to declutter the block pallet, kind of like how ≠ is hidden under relabel.

It's probably buggy.

it's been in snap since snap 5.0, so I doubt it.