Undertale/deltarune in snap!

something ive been working on for the past few days is ready for some feedback!

what do you think so far about it?
sfx by toby fox, music by yours truly :3

i don't hear any sound
other than that i like the animations, and i see you added grazing

oof that sucks i spent a while on that sound track

its 12 30 now i stayed up late bugfixing and lost track of time, so see u in the morning ig

good night

The text moves very slowly at the start, can you make it move fast like the rest of the game, and make it so that when you click, the dialogue continues? Or maybe add a dialogue fast-forward feature?
Also, I thought it was my PC at first (my laptop is hooked up to 2 monitors, a woofer, two tweeters, and several SSDs; for some reason, some of the items in this list that don't relate to audio affect it), but it turns out the video doesn't have any audio.


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Thanks, Grammarly :roll_eyes: