UI crashes, if I save all images are lost

My class has been running into this issue pretty often. Maybe about one person in each class of 30 each day. The UI in chrome just goes white or black and gets resized. My clicking around my students manage to save their work. When they reload their saved project, all of the costumes for all objects are missing. We end up having the choice of reloading the costumes or recovering their previous save and losing project progress.

Their projects right now are very minimal - just small simple things with no complex or large stuff going on. Happens randomly so far, not to the same projects over and over.

What type of computer/browser are they using?

Windows 10 and Google Chrome

hmm... this sounds as if perhaps your students are either running rather outdated Chrome versions, an outdated Snap! version (v8 perhaps?), or are using up all the memory with huge costumes and music?

Of course school computers are also usually not very powerful, and tend to have a lot less memory from at home pcs.

this never has happened to me though?

Different districts have different standards and resources, including access to and type of computers. Even different schools within different districts can have different models of computers!

Really weird other people arent experiencing this. These are all really powerful desktop machines because we so 3d modeling, CAD and game design on them. They run all the more intensive software fine.

This glitch isn't super common but about 1 out of 60 students per day, and not the same computers or student projects.

Just happened again today to a new student who hasn't run into this yet. Just on our 2nd day of a simple Pong project.

Here is a link to the project:

Here is an image of what it looks like. Starts blank, then shows some images as you hover over them, but sizing of window is completely wrong. If you save and reload page then all costumes are deleted. If you don't save and reload you lose all progress.

can you tell us more about the system, like which OS and browser version this is, and which browser extensions or plug-ins there are. This project doesn't look like it would overwhelm Snap in the least. I almost don't dare suggest this, but occasionally it helps to shut-down / exit Chrome totally and reopen it. I know, I know, it's the old IT-crowd joke but I swear it does help.

Wait, I actually think I know what's happening. The browser might be unloading the page temporarily when it's not the active tab, to reduce memory usage. Pretty sure chrome has that setting enabled by default.

From googling, these steps should be how to turn it off. I'm not on desktop right now, so I can't verify that this is the solution.

I've already experienced this 3-4 times in the last few months: the code is saved, but not the images...
(win10, firefox)

The error just happened again today. So far one of my sixty students today (about 45min long classes).

For the record I checked her "Memory Saver" setting on Chrome and it was turned off